Sunglasses tailored to your needs.


Here at Thompsons Opticians we have a large range of sunglasses not only for sport and recreational wear but for prescriptive correction too.

Sunglasses are no longer just a fashion item they are an essential part of eye health. We all need to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.



High quality sunglasses.


We believe in glasses that last. We stock most major brands of sunglasses and tinted glasses as well as some designer frames. Our range covers all budgets, giving you the chance to have customised sunglasses at an affordable price.

Photchromic lenses.


Photochromic lenses are spectacle lenses that adapt to the light conditions around you. Darkening when the UV levels increase and lightening when they recede. They also give you UV protection even when they are clear.

With new advances in technology Photochromic lens technology means they are now more reactive .

Giving you UV protection faster, clearer and more flexible than ever before in just one pair of glasses.


Polarised lenses.


Polarised lenses are designed to not only reduce the amount of light into the eye but to cut through the blinding glare. Polarised lenses only allows vertical light to pass through the lens. Glare, which is light bouncing off reflective surfaces such as wet roads, water, snow and white concrete is blocked. This results in excellent soothing vision in extreme light conditions. It is a first choice lens for drivers and sports. Polarised lenses are available in non-prescription and prescription lenses.