Healthy eyes!


We believe that checking eye health is the most important factor in an eye test and is best maintained by regular check-ups with your Optometrist. Any small changes can be monitored, ensuring early detection of any age-related conditions or eye diseases and referred for treatment if needed. For this reason we allow 20-40 minutes per appointment, depending on age.

Did you know that eye examinations can also pick up signs of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes?

New Glasses?


As well as checking the health of your eyes the Optometrist will make an assessment of your visual needs and provide you with an up to date prescription if spectacles are required. We aim to accommodate all budgets and ensure we have a variety of choices available, so if you just want a basic pair of glasses we offer a selection of ‘free’ frames when purchasing lenses. Alternatively, if fashion, great design and new technology are important to you, we have many designer brands, advanced lenses and coatings available.


We aim to cater for all.


Thompsons Opticians has been established (in Liskeard) for over 50 years and welcomes new private and NHS patients wishing to join one of our practices.

We believe that a better level of care and greater customer satisfaction can be provided by continuity, we and our loyal staff are proud to be your local, friendly opticians and enjoy looking after you and your family.

If you suffer from dry eyes then please download our sheet for some useful information.